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G-Magix G-Magix control cabinet

Introducing the G-Magix Control Cabinet (or G-Magix Box) by Gamma Tech – the ultimate smart home solution tailored for apartments, townhouses, shophouses, and resorts, elevating your family's living experience to new heights. Seamlessly blending modern technology with convenience, it transforms any residence into a sophisticated smart home.
Designed to enhance your lifestyle, it paves the way for you and your family to indulge in a higher quality of living and ensures the safety of your loved ones.

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Introducing Gamma Tech smart home


1Customers register information in the form

2Gamma Tech contacted for consultation and product introduction

3Gamma Tech engineers survey the location, create a plan and send a detailed quote

4Customers sign the contract and make a deposit according to the contract content

5Gamma Tech conducts construction and installation

6Customer accepts and liquidates the contract


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Gamma Tech has chosen and signed a cooperation agreement with the Haast Vietnam factory to become a strategic partner in assembling the G-Magix Control Cabinet (GM001). 
The Haast Vietnam factory is a versatile industrial manufacturing unit, not only processing and manufacturing components for the electronics industry and aviation industry but also engaging in research and development alongside customers, producing high-quality products bearing the distinct mark of the Vietnamese people.
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